InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion is a web hosting company that was founded in 2001. Operated and owned by it’s employees, the company is based in both Virginia and California. This geographic separation allows it to better meet the needs of it’s diverse clientele. InMotion offers custom web design to it’s clients, and offers a wide variety of solutions for people seeking hosting services. These services include personal use, business class and VPS hosting. This is in addition to the dedicated servers that it offers. This company uses the most up to date controls and also offers access to very competent customer service. The company has succeeded well for it’s age and continues to be competitive. Despite stiff competition from other web hosts, as well as the changing needs of the business world, InMotion has adapted and thrived to meet the needs and desires of it’s clients.

This success, even in this day and age of high competition, has attracted attention from all over the web and the world of web hosting. InMotion has received numerous awards, including the 2011 Best Business Hosting Award and the 2011 Dedicated Hosting Awards. It is also a 3 star CNET service provider and has received acclaim for meeting the stringent needs of it’s business class customers. InMotion takes great care to satisfy it’s clients and business customers. It is also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As such a trusted webhost, it is able to exceed the needs and demands thrown at it. These are the reasons as to why it has received such praise.

Skilled employees are the backbone of InMotion, guaranteeing it’s continued growth, adaptability and success. Their employees average over four years of experience, and they are supervised by senior staff with over ten years of experience. Quick resolutions of issues brought up, as well has friendly service and professionalism, makes InMotion an adaptive force in the web hosting industry. This comes with a size of under fifty employees, so a close-knit yet professional culture brings greater strength to their day to day and long term operations. This culture allows for the best possible interactions for their clients possible for a web hosting company. Critical recognition of this has had it eager to improve even further.

Such a company, as In Motion, is rare to exist, especially in the difficult web hosting industry. Businesses regularly laud them for what they have helped build and secure. As such an adaptable force in this industry, they have placed themselves above other companies and thus attract the very best employees and the most eager clients. It is highly recommended that businesses and individuals place their trust in InMotion and watch their potential grow from something as seemingly irrelevant as web hosting. Their services increases the potential for businesses and individuals. It is this potential that they give their clients that has enabled InMotion to succeed and thrive against competition, and allows the best services possible.

Unlimited Bandwidth Is Stupid

bandwidthUnlimited bandwidth claims are not typically “unlimited” in the truest definition of the word. When you think of the word unlimited, you believe the definition of “no limits,” assuming that you can utilize as much bandwidth as necessary to design a website with all of the flashes, bells and whistles. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data someone’s browser must download in order to utilize your website. Typically, websites use roughly one-half of a gigabyte in order to process its content. Typical websites contain various graphics, text and links, none of which are high demands on a server’s bandwidth.

When a company offers unlimited bandwidth, it’s important to read the fine details in the “Terms of Service” agreement that you electronically sign. Typically, a company offering unlimited bandwidth actually sets an allotment for what they feel users won’t go over for a typical website. You run into problems, however, when you have videos, mp3’s and the like that take larger amounts of bandwidth to utilize and process. You will quickly find that the “unlimited” bandwidth you were promised either won’t handle the website you’ve designed or will shut down your site completely for going over the allotment provided by the server or host.

When researching companies or hosts that will provide the bandwidth you need, its imperative that you understand, truly, what the offer on the table is. If a host promotes unlimited bandwidth, what do they really mean? Is there a standard allotment that you cannot exceed? Is the price you are given only good if you stay under a designated use? You need to evaluate the true cost of doing business and be sure that you are not entering into a contract with a company who will penalize you for success. Unlimited bandwidth, unfortunately, is a broken promise.

How To Sell Your Site For A Profit

sell siteIn today’s market place people are searching for ways to make money. One option that is a great way to bring income into the household is to create a website to sell for a profit. It is relatively easy as long as specific steps are followed while creating the site, such as, choosing the right topic, issuing large amounts of content and having an abundant fan base. These points will be gone into much more specifically later on in the article. Large amounts of money have been and can be made in this business and by following these steps you could tap into that source of income.

The first step in having a profitable website is to make sure the topic chosen has some sort of attraction factor. Whatever the subject matter, it needs to follow certain criteria if the site is to create a profit. Having first hand knowledge and experience is very helpful. Choosing a subject where there are similar products and services that can be sold or advertised on the site adds value as well. Following those three simple steps when choosing a topic can help lead one down a profitable path when it comes time to sell the website.

Another key tip, in creating and then selling your website for a large amount of money, is to always issue a large amount of content. For example, it could be articles or videos about the chosen subject matter or even having a weekly chat where the audience can ask questions. This alone will bring a large amount of traffic in from search engines to the site which is the most effective way to add to a websites worth. The more people who view the site, the more business is brought, and then, the more money the website is worth. The best way of doing that is to publish a lot of content as to keep people interested.

The next and final topic that will be spoken about in this article was touched upon during the last tip. In order to sell your website for a profit you must have a large fan base. There are two important steps to follow in order to keep your site filled with fans. The first was spoken about during the last step and that was to have chats where the fans can ask questions as well as have a place on the site where comments can be left. The second tip is closely linked to the first one. Have a topic which gets the fans involved. This will then lead to them spreading the word of your website themselves. Doing this is a great way to increase followers and build a fan base that will always stick by your website’s side, there for, increasing it’s profit.

In today’s job market the question, how to sell my site for a profit, is being asked more and more often. As long as the topic chosen is one in which the creator knows about, there is a constant stream of content being published and the website has a large fan base, making money from selling your website should not be a problem.

A Small Orange Overview

a-small-orangeA Small Orange is a web hosting service company that offers many benefits to its users. A Small Orange, in a name, implies that you don’t need to get web hosting from the other computer web hosting giants to start a website. A Small Orange offers simple and affordable packages for web hosting that make it easy for you to decide what’s right for you. They offer friendly service and usability that makes what can be a daunting task an easy one. A Small Orange offers a better way for web hosting to make building a web site easy for anyone. 

While other web hosting sites maintain a business image to attract clients, A Simple Orange takes a more personal approach to it’s branding.

A Small Orange aims to show that website building should be made easy for it’s users. You choose from a variety of images, fonts, and layout while A Simple Orange does the rest. A Simple Orange strives to give you quality web hosting that you would expect from other companies while still maintaining affordable prices.

A Small Orange provides it’s clients with easy to read graphs so you can keep tabs on things like bandwidth and available disk space. A Small Orange provides quality web hosting with almost unlimited capability. Start-up plans start as low as $20 a month. As a result of its low prices, A Small Orange can give you considerable savings compared to other web hosting services. A Small Orange gives quick customer service that responds to its clients needs very quickly. A Small Orange works with you to answer any questions you may have to help guide you in building and maintaining your website. A Small Orange treats every client with respect and gives each member the time and attention they deserve. A Small Orange has excellent customer service, offering response times that are typically as low as 30 minutes, if not less

In conclusion, A Small Orange offers affordable and flexible packages that are user friendly and straightforward so you always know what to expect with no surprises. The company can be reached by e-mail 24/7 for customer support. Although A Small Orange is new to the industry, it’s simplicity, usability, and affordable prices make it a contender among other web hosting companies.

Finding Affordable Web Hosting Services

WebsiteIf you are ready to get your website up and running for your blog, product, or business then you are on track to finding a web hosting service. Any business, blogger, or seller of products will want or require a website to keep their name out there. When it comes to websites, it is easier to find a good web hosting service online where you can pay to have your site managed. But the trick is finding affordable web hosting services. You can either hop on over to (founder Cam Secore) or finish this article.

Different web hosting sites will charge you different rates for different features. Also, you need to take web traffic into account. Generally you will be paying more if more people visit your site. A basic web hosting service may charge $15.00 to $30.00 for a site that does not have a high traffic flow. That price would be a monthly reoccurring charge. You may be able to find a cheaper hosting site, or even a free hosting site but the features will lack. Free sites may only offer you a few different templates you have to choose from and may charge you for each additional page you add.

Be prepared for high web traffic and the fees for it if you have a popular product or service. The more visitors you have to your site, the more you will be charged. This is because the company that you are web hosting through will require that you pay for another server to maintain the speed and bandwidth of the connection for your visitors. If your site is getting more then a million visits in a day, you are going to be charged for this extra server to keep up with the flow of traffic. That can cost you anywhere between $100.00 a month, and $500.00 a month. These charges are necessary and unavoidable if your site gets that popular. In order to allow your users to keep visiting the site with a high speed connection and go between page to page efficiently, this extra server is needed.

Say you do not have an extra $500.00 per month to fork out on your site. You do have an alternative if you’re looking to avoid the high costs. But with out the high cost comes high maintenance on your part. If you want to web host on your own, you will need a second, or even third computer in some cases to act as a server for traffic. Just as the web hosting sites make you pay a fee for an extra server, you would have to provide your own to keep the site maintained. In addition, you could see extra fees from your internet service provider from hosting. In addition, your electric bill may be higher, as your servers will need to remain on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Web hosting can be fun, and a great way to keep your business up and running, just always take into mind the cost and maintenance to do so.

Bluehost Is A Good Choice, Right?

bluehostBluehost is a web hosting company that allows you to host just one or multiple domains at a cheap yet reliable price. This company is comparable to hostmonster because they are from the same management. It is user friendly for many however it is even a great company for people who may be just starting out for the first time in web design. They have recently made a few changes that allow more space and bandwidth. They offer coupons and discounts as well that make the company and services more affordable. Right now on their website they offer a $100 google credit when signing up with them, they are so confident that you will like them that they offer special perks to their clients.

Furthermore, Bluehost offers a lot of features such as a very powerful and easy to use control panel as well as easy to use templates, they allow shell access, a great level of customization and when working with large numbers it allows access to MySQL. The best part about Bluehost is that even if you only have one account you can still host an unlimited number of domains. Along with power backup services it also allows great protection mechanisms. It is said that Bluehost is one of the best companies when speaking of in performance terms.

Moving on, monitoring services have been shocked with the results of bluehost because they deliver about 99% of uptime. Even though they promise a 99.9% uptime these are still not bad figures considering most companies do not offer up what they promise. Their uptime has gone up beautifully since January of 2008 which is very good for the company and makes they a great trustworthy company now and in the years to come. With that being said, bluehost is not only reliable but one of the best web hosting companies on the market today. Not many other companies offer as many features and services as well as unlimited domains and still be affordable in today’s struggling society.

Most companies that are similar to Bluehost offer many different confusing plans that only leave you lost and spending much more than you need to and leaving you with less or more features and services that what you are needing. Bluehost, unlike most companies only offer one plan for less confusion depending on how long you want you contract depends on what price you will pay. If you are only looking for a two month contract the price is $6.95 for the two months, if you are wanting a yearly contract you would end up paying $7.95 a month which is a good deal knowing that Bluehost offers unlimited domains. Some people may say that their domain charges are possibly a little bit higher than other companies however it is well worth it because most of these companies do not offer the same services as well as have a great support team for all of your needs. Along with all of the previous features mentioned above they also offer 24 hour support 7 days a week with online chat and email. No matter what kind of problems or questions you are having there are also support forums for your personal needs.

Is Site5 The Real Deal?

site5Site5 is one of the more controversial hosting sites out there, offering a ‘host’ of positive and accessible features with two major drawbacks, both of which involve their treatment of your investment in them. Site5 will not refund your purchase within the industry standard ‘forty five day’ trial period, which is a huge detriment for new users who want to experiment with fledgling services before committing to the company. Site5 also forces users into a full term purchase after the first forty five days, and refuses to give users the option of pro-rated refunds. To put it frankly, they are even more stingy and begrudging about their refunds than cell phone plans. Lastly, Site5 charges more than expected for users in need of several domains – a lot more. While many of its competitors offer free multiple domains with initial purchase, or discounted purchases after membership, Site5 will charge roughly nine dollars every month for an extra domain. That’s an outrageous price for a commodity that pretty much every user requires at one time or another.

But there is some good news that helps to offset the bad taste of poor purchasing options. First and foremost, Site5 has an incredible customer support system. They respond quickly, plentifully and informatively, and their track record of solving user’s problems is second to none in the industry. Unlike their competitors, many of whom rely on irritating ‘ticketing’ services to order their service, Site5 will typically answer your question instantaneously through their live chat service. Site5 has also been working in the domain industry since 1999, which is a long time in this line of work. They utilize the commonplace cPanel that most users are familiar with, and even let you choose the actual location of your given server – an interesting, if impractical, innovation for domain hosting. There servers are renowned for consistent and quality speeds, and despite the limitations of their purchasing options, Site5 offers a countless array of domain and hosting options to satiate the choice-conscious consumer.

But theses pleasantries shouldn’t make consumers forget the annoyance of Site5′s poor refund policy. This is an unacceptable practice. Although Site5 offers some attractive prospects for users unconcerned with trial runs and refunds, all other customers should proceed with caution.

DreamHost Breakdown Review

Hosting (53)DreamHost is a web hosting site that connects you to 15 years of hosting experience. Currently, DreamHost hosts over 500,000 sites. They also have, like many hosts, a number of plan options for Shared, VPS, and dedicated servers.

Another thing to keep in mind is DreamHost’s 97-day money back guarantee. This is easily the long money back guarantee in the business. However, make sure your method of payment is refundable, because some online payment options are not. Plus they give you two weeks to test out their service without any payment at all.

Now, some issues that arose from consumer feedback were directed towards their use of a nontraditional control panel setup and customer service or up time. DreamHost has a custom setup which, if your switching from another hosting site may take some reintroduction. Some have found it difficult, stating that, it should follow a more familiar or universally applied setup. They also currently lack a direct phone support option. So all correspondence whether its sales or support related must be ticketed. Some consumers experienced a downtime of up to 48 hours for written response.

Their more expensive web hosting service is their Shared, which is also most likely to be what most new customers prefer. The cost is difficult to justify when considering their claim for perfect uptime. They state their expert technical support is available 24/7 but, they only offer instant live chat to customers. Leaving others out and their claims to perfect uptime up for debate. There is no direct line to DreamHost tech support so your only option is to request a call back which, may also be limited.

So unless your using DreamHost for VPS or Dedicated Servers, you may want to consider finding a host with more competitive market pricing for Shared. As well as, Shared accounts depend on other users leaving the 48=hour downtime as a major issue for Shared account productivity. However, if you’re in the market with a VPS or Dedicated Server, DreamHost’s prices are at market. Plus, with out the issue of depending on other users the downtime may not be as crucial an issue. On a final note, if you’ve heard of extreme downtimes with DreamHost it may have been due to rolling blackouts that affected their company September 12, 2005. Since then this issue has been resolved and are back to providing functioning web hosting service.

How to Hire a Web Hosting Service: Guide for Beginners

Hosting (54)You do not have to be an expert to own a website. In fact, any computer newbie can become a webmaster and if you are new at this thing, you will need to be guided when you make a decision about a web hosting service.

It does not matter if you are a beginner, choosing a web host is going to be simple, just as long as you know what you are doing. Take note of the following guidelines:

  1. Determine what you want. To effectively satisfy your needs, you will need to look into your site’s specific needs. What are your expectations? What do you wish to achieve? List down the things you want, so that you know what exactly to look for.
  2. Know your budget. Paid services are priced so differently, some are expensive but some are cheap. To be able to know which way to go, you should know how much you are willing to put into this, so that you can narrow down your options, significantly.
  3. Browse through your options. As soon as you find your options, investigate into every one of them to make sure that they satisfy the needs that you desire. Look into the company’s reputation and look into reviews to find out more about them.

Comparing Different Web Hosting Packages

Hosting (55)When you are shopping for something at a department store, you browse through the entire store to find what it is that you are looking for. When you are shopping for a web hosting service to apply to your website, you have to do the same thing; you have to make sure to compare the different options you have so that you can make a good decision between them. Here are some options that you can take:

  1. Clustered Web Host: this kind of service features multiple servers supplying the website with everything it needs. This kind of service helps to significantly reduce downtime that makes your website truly unreliable.
  2. Dedicated Web Host: If you maintain a large business and you have a very demanding website requirement, this is going to be perfect because will afford you enough control and security, unlike any other service can offer.
  3. Colocation Web Host: A slang term for this web hosting service is “colo” and it is a special kind of web hosting where you can enjoy the use of a data center location and at the same time enjoy full ownership of the hardware you are using.
  4. Managed Web Hosting: In this type of web hosting service, you have control of the type of server your use, but the provision of features will be the one that is given to you.